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Payroll Services for Effective & Efficient Organisational Human Resource Management

Payroll in generally is an operating expense for businesses provided the human resource employed contributes to the manufacturing or service process of your product and service. A business can not neglect the payroll function as it is a function that helps to calculate the total amount the company needs to pay to its employees for a certain period. Paying the employees on time as well as accurately can be a tedious task for small and medium businesses but that being said it can not be avoided as doing so will lead to employee dissatisfaction and penalties from the government. Payroll process can be a time-consuming activity with a task like mapping timesheets, preparing employee pay slip, salary, PF and much more. The best way to take care of your payroll management is to outsource this function.

Whiz Consulting provides payroll outsourcing service that aids in transforming your business’s payroll processing administration with a cost-effective and scalable solution. Our Payroll Services allow you to give accountability for managing the payroll, taking care of payroll compliance and taxation in regards to the payroll process.

Roadblocks in Processing Payroll


Processing payroll is a time-consuming and tedious process, whether it is performing manual or with the use of the software. Chances of error in both cases are quite high.


There are certain compliance that businesses have to make sure of for different kinds of employees. And also one has to keep updated with law and regulation in regards to the payroll process.


there are various kinds of human resource – full-time, part-time, interns, contractors and so on. This only adds up to the intricacy of the process leading to increase chances of inaccuracy.


Fraudulence like ghost employees, falsified wages and commission or even fake insurance claims can impact your organisation as well as lead to a compliance issue.

Dedicated Team

Organisations in India generally does not have a Payroll Processing team or a personnel. It is performed either by HR or/and finance department which is not suggested as it hampers productivity.

Cost Implications

Payroll requires the use of technology to reduce errors in the process. But investment in either a payroll system or in-house resource who are experts can be a costly affair for the business.

Payroll Processing Services We Offer

Whiz Consulting as an outsourced payroll service provider offers the following services –

Payroll Process for Indian Business

Setting up a System

We set up a system according to the schedule chosen by you and then we prepare a calendar with relevant dates.

Sharing of Data

Important data and timesheets are shared through email or via cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Processing of Data

Based on inputs received from you, we calculate gross pay, deductions, net pay, provident fund and so forth.


We process all employee payment through a batch file which is sent to the Bank for upload.

Review, Follow Up and Revisions

We review the activities at constant intervals, ask for your feedback and make revisions wherever required.

Benefits of Outsourced Payroll Services by Whiz Consulting?

With Whiz Consulting outsourced payroll service, you get access to the highly trained team and can obtain dozens of benefits just like other clients who have used our services. We process over a thousand pay slips every month, and so we can assure you that your payroll is processed accurately. Some other benefits of choosing Whiz Consulting for your Payroll Service are -

  • Increased efficiency of payroll systems, controls, and processes
  • Increased confidence in the accuracy of payroll
  • Comfort that employees will be paid correctly, on time, every time
  • Comfort around the security and confidentiality of sensitive payroll information
  • Confidence that your payroll processing services function is compliant with legislation
  • Customised to the need of the client’s requirements
  • Decade long experience for all sizes of businesses in india

Payroll Services India

Whiz Consulting has been providing Payroll Outsourcing Services to Indian business for a decade now. We provide a time-saving and cost-effective alternative to internal payroll processing services that helps take away the burden of payroll for business owners. One must understand all the intricate process involve In payrolls like calculation of salary, PF, tax calculation, tax deduction, pay slip generation and much, these are best left in the hands of experts.

We have experts who are very well acquainted with payroll processing of India. And so, if you require payroll services in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore or any other place in India, you can outsource payroll service for your business with us as we have experience of providing accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and taxation for all scale of businesses in all these cities.

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