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Accounting Back Office

It is important for business to have an accurate picture of its financial position on a day-to-day basis. However this is not possible for small business where most of the accounting in small or medium businesses is done by the business owners. They tends to forget to maintain books regularly and thius end up suffering from consequences like late receivables or bad debts, rush during tax seasons, etc. Even when they have employee, these employees generally look after other operational parts as well. Many small business owner make a mistake of considering that accounting is not very crucial and it is more important to keep working on core business activity but accounting is as important as any other part of the business, like sales.

On such a cash accounting back office service can be beneficial for the small business. It involves classifying all the expenses and incomes in their respective accounts and a critical aspect of accounting is reconciliations which help businesses verify that everything is accounted for. This reduces the work load of overall accounting process.

Accounting Back Office Service Offerings

For better understanding of how accounting back office outsourcing services from a service provider like Whiz Consulting would help your business, you need to go through the services offered in the accounting back office service. With accounting back office outsourcing services, you get access to a world of reports that we can prepare for you weekly, fortnightly, monthly or as and when required.:

  • Ratio Analysis
  • Income Statement (Profit & Loss)
  • Company/Business Wise Profitability
  • Resource/Employee Wise profitability
  • Financial Analysis (Ratio Analysis, P/V Ratio, NPV)
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Balance Sheet Reporting
  • Inventory Accounting
  • Client Wise Profitability
  • Monthly/Quarterly Year End Review
  • Fixed Assets Process Reports
  • Trial Balance
  • Project Wise Profitability

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