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Accounting and Bookkeeping Challenges in the Media and Marketing Industry

The Media & Marketing industry is a complex industry where a business is working with multiple clients and projects. Digital marketing agency, marketing agency, advertising agencies burn out themselves to ensure their clients’ product and services are most sought. But while doing so, most businesses end up neglecting its vital function like Accounting and Bookkeeping. Additionally, these functions are quite challenging.

Few of the challenges faced by the Media and Marketing Industry are -

Accounts Receivable

One significant advertising agency accounting issues is the accounts receivable. At times The firm itself is negligent, and other time the clients are not diligent. And hence, there are times where the clients’ payment is due for a long period.

Clients’ Cost

The service offered by the media and marketing agency, at times includes the third party for services like data, media buying and so on. These funds could become huge chaos as these can’t be mixed as it might cause fluctuation in a client’s budget.


In the media and marketing industry, businesses highly relies on freelancer and intern. And this means more complications in payroll processing. One must be aware of payroll provisions and make accurate calculation and tax filing accordingly.

How Whiz Consulting Help You Tackle these Issues?

We at Whiz Consulting provides the best accounting & bookkeeping services for the marketing and media industry. With our services, we make sure we add value to your business. Accounting & bookkeeping can be outsourced for your media and marketing business so that you can focus on performing the core task that will increase your overall business efficiency.

Our online accounts receivable services will enable you to be stress-free about payments to be received from clients. Once our account receivable service system is in place, you need not worry about outstanding receivables.

Additionally, our online payroll service, helps you tackle the menial task of recording, maintaining, and payments for different types of employees be it full-time, part-time, freelancers, interns, or contractual employees.

Our services aid you in managing your own fund and your clients’ fund efficiently, helping you to avoid any issue with clients. With our bookkeeping and accounting service, you will be able to scale up your business while having accurate and efficient accounting and bookkeeping system in place.

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Why Choose Whiz Consulting for your Accounting and Bookkeeping needs?

Whiz Consulting has been providing Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in India for Media and Marketing Industry for a long time now. We have in-depth knowledge of how the industry works. Even so, here are a few more reasons why you should choose us for your Accounting and Bookkeeping Services -

Reduction in cost

Hiring a full-time bookkeeper or accountant or taking local chartered accountant service is a costly affair, whereas we provide all the same services with added benefits at much affordable cost.

Decade long Experience

We have over a decade of experience with technical knowledge of industry-specific requirements. We help to streamline bookkeeping and accounting for a marketing company and help upsurge the productivity of your business.


Our team is well familiar with the accounting principles applicable to Indian Media and Marketing Industry as well as existing rules and regulations prevailing to the Industry. We also make sure that experts are up to date with any new law and regulations.

Business Growth

With our service, you can start focusing on your core function while we handle your Accounting and Bookkeeping process allowing you to have an accurate and efficient accounting for a marketing company.


We provide boundless phone and e-mail consultations with experienced bookkeeping and accounting professionals and provide services that are modified based on your exclusive business needs.

Consistent Report

We provide detailed financial reports of all the financial information on a regular basis. These reports aid you taking a strategic financial decision required for better marketing agency cash flow.

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