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Problem Faced by Businesses in the Hospitality Industry

Customer satisfaction is of utmost priority when it comes to the hospitality industry. It is also important to note that it is highly dependent on the availability of leisure time and disposable income of your customers. The hospitality industry consists of 4 sectors – lodging (accommodations), food & beverage, travel & tourism and recreation. Let us talk about the challenges faced by the hospitality industry particularly in lodgings and accommodations sector -

Limited Resources

For a small business in the Hospitality Industry, it might not be possible to hire in-house bookkeepers and accountants as it has a high-cost implication. It is an overhead expense, and you end up losing out on operation space as it is used for workstations, placement computer system and so forth.

Seasonal Business

Lodging and accommodations are a seasonal business, which means that in peak seasons there might not be any room vacant while in off-seasons, there might not be any guest for a while. This makes the revenue quite fluctuating.

Unpredictable Events

The hospitality industry gets very quickly affected by external factors. And in extreme cases, people do not travel for a long duration. The industry can suffer to the extent that a lot of small businesses might have to close their operation.

How Whiz Consulting Help You Tackle these Issue?

Whiz Consulting have provided accounting and bookkeeping for the hospitality industry for a decade now, and we understand how the industry operates. We also have provided Accounting and bookkeeping services in the hospitality industry and to its different sectors. We understand that accounting and bookkeeping could be quite challenging, and so, we help you to tackle the challenges of bookkeeping for hospitality.

We with our experts will assist you at every step of your accounting and bookkeeping process. Outsource your accounting and bookkeeping functions with us to ensure that you can start focusing on your core activity while reducing your overhead expense.

Our service will help you survive in difficult times by helping you to reduce the cost of the human resource as well as the accounting department. We with our service help reduces your dependency on resources like physical space and payroll for hiring an in-house accountant.

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Why Choose Whiz Consulting for your Accounting and Bookkeeping?

We provide you with the ability to focus on the core function of your organisation while we take care of your accounting and bookkeeping function. If you are looking for Accounting and Bookkeeping services, here is why you should choose us -


Over a decade of experience and technical know-how of the hospitality industry-specific requirements related to accounting, bookkeeping and taxation.

Cost Reduction

Hiring an expert professional bookkeepers and accountants in-house or locally can cost you 70% more as compare to hiring our service.


Making sure your business is compliant to existing rules and regulations as well any new law and regulations.

Constant Consultation

You can reach out to us for any query, and we provide boundless phone and e-mail consultations with our experts.

Business Growth

Provide service that helps you to focus on your core function that will upsurge the productivity and help bring scalability to your business

Consistent Report

Regular detailed financial reports customised to business-specific needs that will help you make crucial financial decisions.

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